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When someone you refer to us becomes a paying customer, you'll earn 30% not only on the initial sale, but also on any recurring payments they make during the first year

30% Recurring Commission for up to a year

90 days cookie period

When people click on your link, they will have 90 days to become a Taiga paid customer in order for you to receive your commission

Taiga is an easy and intuitive yet powerful project management tool for multi-functional agile teams

A well converting offer

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You have access to great promotional material developed to help you generate even more leads

Taiga is a leader in Project Management on G2

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Write clear articles on what our software is about.

Create your own banners without approval.

Use the original Taiga material available for you.

Edit or change promotional Taiga material.

Use your affiliate link to promote Taiga in blogs, videos, comparisons websites, social media, etc.

Promote Taiga on any site related to illegal content, violence, any type of racism, adult content, etc.


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Frequently asked questions

How much commission can I earn?

There is no limit! For each new customer who comes from your affiliate link, signs up, and becomes a paid customer, you will earn a commission of 30% of the revenue (excluding VAT or sales tax) TAIGA receives from this client during the first year. The commission will be paid based on the actual payments received from the customer and corrected for possible refunds

What if my client signs up for an annual subscription?

If the customer decides to sign up for an annual subscription, you will earn your 30% commission of the revenue (excluding VAT or sales tax) on the first annual payment, but also on subsequent payments resulting from increases of users during the year. The commission will be paid based on the actual payments received from the customer and corrected for possible refunds

How does the commission payment work?

Commissions become payable 30 days after the referred customer becomes a paid customer. The total commission amount must equal or exceed fifty US Dollars ($50) before you receive a payment from Taiga. If your total commissions for a given month are less than $50, payment will be held until total commissions equal or exceed $50. The payment will be done via electronic payment (such as Paypal) with the information you will insert in the application form. Check our reviews on APDB

What if the customer cancels the subscription?

If the customer cancels the subscription, you will not receive a commission anymore from that client from the day of cancels onwards.

Is there any limit on the number of customers I can refer to?

No! You can bring in as many new users as you can! The more, the better for both!

How can I track my earnings?

At the moment you sign up to be part of the Affiliate program and receive the acceptance from Taiga, you will have access to a dashboard where you will find all the information you need!

How do tracking cookies work?

When a customer goes to our website using your affiliate link, a cookie will be placed in her/his browser. The cookie will remember your affiliate code so any purchases made within the lifetime of the cookie (90 days) will be attributed to you even if on the consecutive visits the customer doesn't use your affiliate links.

Our lawyer, who is one tough cookie, and is himself obsessed with cookies, wants you to know that Taiga uses cookies. He's a simple-minded man, and requires obvious announcements like this.Our cookie policy